Value Added Services
Value-Added Services (VAS)

Montage Fulfillment offers one of the most comprehensive, high-quality, and affordable sets of finishing solutions in the Industry. We offer the best solutions to your last-minute projects and often complete these urgent projects in 24 hours or less. If you need any help with your behind time projects, feel free to call us today at 323-588-6508.


eCommerce is creating more global business opportunities for products of all shapes and sizes. We receive your products, inspect it for damages and stock it in our warehouse until they are ready to release to the particular retailer or a customer. Our warehouse facility takes the responsibility of full pick, pack, ship, and even compliance labeling. We also take care of the knitting and right assembly of the products from better management while delivering. We look at other Value-Added Services (VAS) so you can succeed along with us, for instance, we take care of outbound and returns processing, quality assurance, lot control, serialization, and expedited shipment processing which makes us the best Distribution services. Our value-added services including packaging, product customization, and assembly. Get your products to market knowing you are getting the safest, most cost-effective, and highest quality system to help you achieve your goals.

Warehouse Services that go above & Beyond to meet exacting customer needs

Montage Fulfillment offers one of the most comprehensive sets of finishing solutions and Value-Added Services in the industry. Whenever any products arrive at our facility then it often needs modifications before getting shipped to the retailers or to the customers. The requirement of sorting, re-ticketing, relabelling, inspection, kit assembly and much more. That's where Montage Fulfillment proves why we are best.

Your #1 choice for Value Added Services

We deliver the quick solutions at such situations and ensure the project is delivered with exact specifications.


Whether the products need repairs, pick or pack, or any type of re-work, we get things done quickly and accurately.