Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Montage Fulfillment is committed to remaining ahead of the curve when it comes to technology in warehouse management. We utilize Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) technology in order to maximize efficiency, optimize operations, and reduce costs. EDI is a lot more than simply exchanging documents electronically in a safe environment. It allows for format standardization, unprecedented data exchange speed, and complete and comprehensive audits that significantly decrease administrative costs for both, us and our customers. The use of EDI has led to substantial savings, with EDI technology integrated into Manhattan SCALE WMS, we handle a much higher number of commercial operations with less labor, allowing us to pass the savings on to our customers.

Trade Partner Management (TPM) E-Portal

Our TPM e-portal technology provides our clients with real-time information anytime, anywhere. We allow our clients to manage their orders, view inventory, create customized reports, pay invoices, & many more because our TPM E-Portal is fully integrated with our Warehouse Management System (WMS)

RF Barcoding (RFID)

Radio Frequency (RFID) and barcoding technology allow Montage Fulfillment to capture, transmit, and store important information in real-time. For instance, as inventory arrives and is scanned into our WMS system, the information is updated immediately and can be viewed by the client through their TPM E-portal by simply logging in. RF barcoding also results in less paper consumption, greater levels of accuracy for the company’s clients, and better for the environment.

Common EDI Transactions

Below are some of the EDI transactions that are commonly used by the Montage Fulfillment team:

  • Request for Routing Instructions
  • Invoice
  • Inventory Inquiry/Advice
  • Product Activity Data
  • Purchase Order Change Request-Buyer Initiated
  • Warehouse Stock Transfer Shipment Advice
  • Delivery Information Message
  • Routing Instructions
  • Payment Order/Remittance Advice
  • Purchase Order
  • Purchase Order Acknowledgment 856 – Ship Notice/Manifest
  • Warehouse Shipping Order
  • Warehouse Stock Transfer Receipt Advice
  • Warehouse Inventory Adjustment Advice